politique de confidentialité - Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Privacy Policy – A user of Ultim Pronos is free to share opinions and information about free bets, get bookmaker reviews, view match statistics, complete the most successful of all the tipsters on sports matches, seek advice and share opinions and information about sports matches. The reader can check more details regarding stand services in our Terms and Conditions.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain to you how we collect, use, access or process the personal data we collect from you when you use www.ultimpronos.com. This privacy policy is related to the processing of your information on UltimPronos and never to another data processing that may occur on another platform.

2. Data Controller and Data Subjects

You may need to reveal all your information when using UltimPronos. In any case, all the revealed data can not be considered as personal data. You will be considered a relevant person when we process your data here. You have the right, in accordance with the European Data Protection Act and this Privacy Policy. Our end-users must keep in mind that we are responsible for the decision on the means and purpose of processing data on UltimPronos. We are therefore the legal controller of the personal data you provide on our platform. As data controller, we have the obligation and freedom to process all your data; we are also required by law to protect personal data in accordance with the regulation of the European data protection legislation, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GPR), as well as this privacy policy.

3. Types of data and reason for treatment

We may process the different forms of personal data you submit on our platform in order to maintain and secure the consistent operation of UltimPronos, further develop our service, enhance the end-user experience and provide services overall. Additional details regarding the different forms of data we process and the data processing intent described below.

3.1. Credentials – Privacy Policy

Personal Identification Information (PII): After creating an account at UltimPronos, we are obliged to process various data about you, such as the ID assigned by our system, your full name, your username and your e-mail address. . We can only process the data if you decide to add it to your profile with us. In some cases, we may be required to ask for an ID issued by your government; we may need a copy of this to verify your identity.

We must process your personal information to enable us to differentiate one end user from our platform from another. We use your e-mail address to communicate with you about any changes we may have made to your account and services. We also send you push notifications and newsletters via your e-mail address.

You can decide whether or not to reveal your last name, first name, mobile phone number, etc. The details can be useful to personalize your account with us and improve the way we communicate with you. If you are one of the winners of our competitions and it is necessary to communicate with you on this subject. We will ask for your first name, last name, government issued ID and your phone number. we will need details for the verification of the identity and the transfer of your price to you.

Electronic credentials: After you sign in to UltimPronos, we are required to process your device’s IP address, browser version, browser type, and device operating system. . We will also process the time you logged in. “Social tokens” will be generated if you connect to our platform via social networks. The “social token” is a form of authentication data processed after logging in to UltimPronos.

We need to process the IP address of your device to allow easy communication between our server and your device. IP address processing also helps you determine your approximate geolocation. Details may be pursued to personalize our services; For example, it provides content that is appropriate for your preferred language and acceptable gaming content in your country. We can also apply the details of your approximate position for analysis purposes. You can read our Cookie Policy for more details on how your data is processed for analytics. Processing the details of your operating system and browser is essential because it ensures we can provide you with regular services. The processed data also helps us to solve any technical problem that you may encounter while using our platform.

If you connect to UltimPronos using social networks, none of the details of the profiles and accounts of your social networks is processed by our platform. Instead, we provide you with social network tokens, which are only for the proposed authentication and nothing more.

3.2 Specific financial data

Financial Identification Data – We are obligated to process the details of your Skrill or PayPal account only if you earn a cash win on our platform. The account details are added to your profile and will be used to send you the prize money you have won.

3.3. Registrations – Privacy Policy

Images – You must upload any profile picture of your choice to your account on our platform. You can decide to upload your photo or avatar. We may decide to store the profile picture you uploaded to customize your account profile.

3.4 Habits and private interests

Tips – We may need to display some of your data when you are involved in certain interactions with our website. We are obliged to process certain information when you publish tips, such as the time and date of the board. We also handle event information related to the board, your comments clarifying tips and their language.

We also create various statistics on the success of all your failover activities on our platform. We also process critical data between our forecasters, such as the confirmation of the most successful forecasters in the forecasts.

The information processed on the tips on our platform is necessary to create tips and make these tips available to end users and visitors to UltimPronos. The statistics generated on the success of forecasts are necessary to ensure the fairness and transparency of competitions among our forecasters.

Preferences – We process the predator data of our platform and the details of your interests, such as your favorite services and content on UltimPronos. We may also process the information you provided on the “About Me” page of your page on our website, some of which includes your interests, details about your social media accounts, and a description of yourself.

The details about your prognosis and the followers you follow are available to all members registered on UltimPronos. We place great importance on the security and transparency of our customers. We therefore consider that each visitor, potential forecaster and current forecaster on our platform should be allowed to evaluate the reliability and success of each of the prognosticators of our platform. Predictors are also free to share their knowledge with others on our platform.

We treat details of our visitors’ interests and tipsters to understand their personal preferences, and we can use preferences for retail marketing. We may also use other marketing platforms, which we have explained in detail in our cookie policy. If you do not like being subjected to automated decision making, such as profiling, you should refer to the subsections “Rights to oppose the processing of your data” and “Right not to be subject to ‘automated decision making’, which can be found under the section ‘Your rights’; you can find this in this privacy policy for additional information.

4. Our use of cookies – Privacy Policy

Any browser who visits our website will get cookies from us. We use cookies to offer our customers the best possible services. The use of cookies helps us to process the details of the standard internet newspaper and information about the different behavior of visitors to our website. Cookies help us to provide third-party content, to promote our products, to analyze the behavior of all our visitors during their visit to our site and to improve navigation on our site. You can read our cookie policy to learn more about our cookies, how we use cookies and how you can unsubscribe from cookies.

5. How we protect your data

We do not store or collect your information for longer than necessary as described above. We use organizational and technical measures consistent with industry best practices; This is to ensure perfect security for your data to avoid problems such as illicit forms of processing, unauthorized use of data, unauthorized access or disclosure, modification, undue loss, accidental loss. , a flight, etc.

6. Your rights – Privacy Policy

You have the right to access certain data relating to data processing and your relationship with them. The details include our contact information and our identity as a company; this also includes the purposes or reasons for which we process your data, as well as the legal basis for such action. We also provide our visitors with the recipients of their data, especially if these recipients reside in a different country. We also share other essential details to ensure transparent and fair processing of personal data to our customers.

6.1 Right of access

You, our inverted visitors and the tipsters, have the right to obtain confirmation from us whether we are processing your data or not. You can also request unhindered access to your data.

6.2. Rights of rectification

You may request the complete deletion of any part of your data if it is inaccurate. Keeping in mind the intention to process the data.