Who are we?

UltimPronos is published by EMPIRE MULTISERVICES GROUPE, a Cameroonian company with a capital of 815 000 XAF whose Office in Cameroon is located in Bafoussam.

The drafting of the site Ultimpronos.com is provided by EMPIRE MULTISERVICES GROUPE to the capital of 815 000 XAF, registered with the RCS.

Our expertise at UltimPronos

First Cameroonian Group devoted exclusively to the development of tools for forecasting sports results. UltimPronos has a mission since 2015, to help every day betters and prognosticers to make the best predictions. While allowing them to choose the most suitable sports betting site for their needs.

We develop and implement new ways to anticipate and predict sporting results. Our research and analysis is aimed at the media, sports companies and the general public.

Our forecasting models are based on historical and statistical analysis of sporting events. They allow to anticipate as accurately as possible the probability of occurrence of a sporting result. More than 500 000 results are analyzed.

We select and analyse sports betting sites through a methodology. Unique in order to evaluate the quality of an online betting site on 6 criteria of first importance for an online better.

This know-how is made available to the general public via the website www.ultimpronos.com which gathers all the information. Necessary for the realization of better sports prognostications. Available in 2 different languages, UltimPronos. This is over 70 000 Professional and free picks per year and a community of over 1 000 members!

Our field of expertise includes the following expertises:

  • Sports forecasts and prognostications
  • Analysis of online game operators
  • Historical analysis of sporting results and sports statistics
  • Real-time sporting information
  • Online gaming industry
  • Legislation
  • Online games
  • Sports betting

If you are a blogger or a journalist, our entire team is at your disposal to answer your questions, your requests for interviews and reports. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our commitments to our users


The forecasts published on this website are written with the utmost impartiality. Our experts are committed to offering you the best prognostications including if it involves betting against their team of hearts.

Expertise and professionalism

Our team is devoted entirely to the analysis of sporting events and to the improvement of our website. We are committed to implementing all means to satisfy you and provide you with a high level of service.


Constantly improving our methods, continually looking for new solutions to offer you the most efficient site.


Sport is our passion. This passion is at the heart of our business.

This know-how is made available to the general public via the UltimPronos website which gathers all the information necessary for the realization of better sports prognostications.

Our history

UltimPronos was born from the idea that sports betting can, in addition to a source of pleasure, be a source of profit. We believe in the financial possibilities of sports betting, the founders of the site are former financial professionals. Passionate about sport with significant experiences in financial analysis and risk control. If sport is not an exact science, being knowledgeable is fundamental to allow you to make good bets. It is this quality information that we want every day to make available to you on UltimPronos (official partner of 1xbet).